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“Your golf swing isn’t broken! It may feel that way when producing undesirable outcomes; This is generally caused by a misalignment or two in your swing resulting in erratic release patterns. This does not necessarily require you to rebuild your swing unless you have lost mobility which is hindering your movement. Instead gather the trustworthy facts and make an informed decision how best to progress. When a player receives the correct professional guidance and truly understands their own impact tendencies and their movements causing the issues the frustration is removed! The player can then proceed achieving their goals in shorter time frames than previously experienced. Realign your game, understand your correct movement pattern and groove your swing for greater consistency required to play better golf.” 

Chris Moss

Trackman Golf lessons



Chris Moss provides bespoke lessons aimed at golfer’s that  want to play better golf. with the power of Trackman’s Artificial Intelligence and Chris’s coaching toolbox you can transform your game not just your swingBook your Trackman lesson


Trackman golf lessons



Your Trackman Golf Lesson will be conducted on a one to one basis in an indoor learning environment.
After each lesson your Trackman data, shot reports and unique learning  video automatically uploads onto
your personalised online Trackman locker. 
Great for reviewing during your next practice session,
before you play your next match as well as tracking your future performance.
Release your full potential with data, knowledge and a better feeling golf swing. 

trackman golf lessons in London and Surrey

"Chris has helped me learn more about the game in a year than I had learned in 20 years playing it. He knows the swing, the body and equipment and how they affect swing efficiency. He helps his players develop the swing that is most appropriate for their unique abilities and is also great at teaching people how to play all aspects of the game. If you spend any time with Chris you will feel his great passion for the game and for his players development."


European Tour player