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” The best golf coach in London ” 

P Collins – Touch Associates 

Chris is the most knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic coach that I have ever worked with!

M Parkhouse

I don’t think I recall meeting a more diligent student of the game. His unwavering commitment to betterment has bestowed him with a set of beliefs that make him a current world-class golf teacher.

His passion for the game and general good nature make him an absolute joy to be around. I look forward to watching his success. Leah Hart- Ladies European Tour

Hey Chris quick update after our lesson package
:- 4 lessons between 8th May and 5th June + 1 lesson on 2nd October
Handicap reductions
11 May – 24.1 to 22.5
1 July – 22.6 to 21.8
21 October – 22.1 to 20.9.  In relation to the October reduction, that was in consequence of winning a Seniors Competition with 39 points.
Thank you so much for all your help, couldn’t of achieved these goals without you.

 I won the monthly medal yesterday with a  gross 73 and got cut to 6! Thank you, feels like there is more to come

Dave Wingfield

I won a board competition today 42 points and 4 birdies down to 12 handicap now! I was hovering around 14/15 and now I’m playing off exactly 12 handicap now. Thank you i can now enter the club champs!
UPDATE: Competition today 39 points and an extra cut for ESR so down to 10 … scary!!! Couldn’t have done it without your support!
Steve Twomey

The skill in coaching is to blend compliment with constructive change. When the knowledge of the coach is obvious and his input is the perfect solution, you know you have met somebody who loves their art. When you add in their obvious passion you have some one who can make a difference.

Thanks Chris, I enjoyed my lesson with you and look forward to the next. Mark Roe- European Tour Winner

“Chris is not just one of the best golf teachers I have come across, he is also one of the best teachers (and that comes from someone with over 50 years of educational experience). Chris makes the game simple and explains clearly. No need to be an astrophysicist because, with Chris, golf is not rocket science! Any amateur should be beating down his door.”

Dylan Jones - Deputy Headmaster

Fun! Simple, which means that I can remember it on the course. Also, Chris adapts the lesson to the pupil – technical for my husband, simple for me, fun for the kids Mrs Harvey

Chris is one of the most knowledgeable coaches that I have experienced and understands many different techniques/styles.

I feel like he takes the best from lots of different coaching styles and uses them in the most professional manner. European Tour Professional Golfer

Chris shows his own love of the game and is generous in wanting you to improve. His use of Trackman and his knowledge of the swing are expert class. Mr R Gray

Had problems with pain in knee. After 5 minutes, he knew exactly what was wrong with my set up and fixed it. He explained it all, as usual in simple terms. Made so much sense and afterwards no pain in knee. Thanks Chris

Cathy Day

I went to Chris with a very specific goal and he was the only person in the country who could describe and demonstrate what I was after, most coaches will never hit a golf ball during a lesson, Chris will happily demonstrate his awesome ball striking to show you what happens when you do what he is teaching you to do. Chris has given me the confidence I had lost and given me a solid short game. Chris is also a very cool dude.” Matt Royal

Really impressed with the latest trackman plus Swing check was very informative and quickly had me showing improvements within 3 swings..

I’ll be back! 5 Star Review


Ted Ray

Big breakthrough today..first sub-80 round! Been coming, but glad to know all hard work has paid off. Couldn’t have done it without your help. Looking forward to catching up at the next lesson.
Chris Achieved his goal of Breaking 80! playing off 17 within 6 months
Chris Coleman

Holiday Golf in Spain- We were a group of 12 golfers, handicaps from 0 to 18 – i managed to win 3 of 4 rounds, and overall, 30 pars out of 54 holes resulting in 43 points, 37, 41 and 38 points with some bad shots still in there (so still room for improvement)! thanks for your help. Winnings covered a large chunk of your tuition fees 😉
Nick Aiten

"Chris has helped me learn more about the game in a year than I had learned in 20 years playing it. He knows the swing, the body and equipment and how they affect swing efficiency. He helps his players develop the swing that is most appropriate for their unique abilities and is also great at teaching people how to play all aspects of the game. If you spend any time with Chris you will feel his great passion for the game and for his players development."


European Tour player