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The ‘Definitive Putting’ Lesson

Making use of Sam Puttlab and its high speed cameras we have put together  The ‘Definitive Putting’ Lesson, an indoor (Sam Puttlab) and outdoor (USGA specification putting green) experience. The 90 minute session includes a full assessment of your current putter,  its performance and suitability to your style. Topics such as eye dominance, visualization tests, the physicality’s of putting, green reading skills, depth perception, ball roll performance and putter fitting are all explained and covered.

At the end of the session you are presented with a print out of the Sam Puttlab readings, lesson notes covering the main area for improvement and a memory stick with a voiceover of the main points covered. For the best results we recommend you opt for a putting package, as this gives you the best opportunity to make the recommended changes permanent.

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Our Putting experts

This bespoke Putting Studio, contains a USGA specification putting green and is one of a limited number of sites in England to be fitted with a SAM Putt Lab high speed camera system.  This hi-tech piece of equipment captures vital information about your putting stroke, such as face aim, path, rotation, timing, dynamic loft and the impact spot. Within seconds the system  gives you individual feedback  in easy to understand graphic reports which can be used for coaching and putter fitting. So if you want to get the ‘right putter’ or the ‘right stroke’ a session in the studio is a must. 

sam puttlab 2 How to puttPUTTER FITTING

The club most used in a round of golf is the putter and ironically it’s the one most golfers spend least amount of time selecting. Using the Sam Puttlab, and a selection of putters from the main manufacturers in the Studio we can find the best specification of putter for you. To endorse you make the right decision we can also evaluate the performance of your current putter and compare it against any potential purchase. During the Putter Fitting session we also assess several  specifications of the putter as well as how the ball reacts, a factor that is often overlooked when fitting a putter, making this a truly bespoke in/outdoor experience.  An over view of the assessments we make are shown below;

sam puttPutter  Assessments 
Feedback from the Ball

Length & Weight
Is there any spin

Loft & Lie Angle
Does the spin affect your ability to hit your target

Balance & Shaft Position
What’s the ball speed

Head Style
Is there ‘true roll’ on the ball

Click here for the putting rotation report

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If you have ever struggled with your putting or don’t trust the putter you are currently using we highly recommend  booking a putter lesson or fitting, the price for a 90 minute session with Chris is £145 for all bookings contact Chris on Tel 01372 843453 or email

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