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Learn how to putt like a pro! 


**1. Understanding the Basics:**

– Familiarize yourself with the different parts of the putter and the types of putters available.
– Understand the basic rules of putting. For example, the ball must not be moved once it’s been addressed.

**2. Grip:**

– The grip for putting is different from the grip for other shots. The most common grip styles for putting are the reverse overlap, cross-handed, and claw grip.
– Your grip should be firm but relaxed to maintain control without tension.

**3. Stance and Posture:**

– Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and parallel to the target line.
– Bend at your hips, not your waist, so your eyes are directly over the ball.
– Keep your arms relaxed and hang down from your shoulders, forming a triangle shape with your shoulders and hands.

**4. Stroke:**

– Your stroke should be a smooth pendulum motion, with your shoulders driving the movement.
– The backswing and follow-through should be of equal length.

**5. Ball Position and Impact:**

– Position the ball slightly ahead of the center of your stance.
– At impact, the putter face should be square to the target line, and the ball should be hit on the upswing.

**6. Reading the Green:**

– Look for the overall slope of the green and how it will influence the ball’s path.
– Pay attention to the grass type and its grain direction. This can affect the speed and direction of the putt.

**7. Speed Control:**

– Learn to control the distance of your putts. This is often more important than the line, especially for long putts.
– Practice lag putting to get the ball close to the hole on long-distance putts.

**8. Consistency:**

– Try to keep your routine and stroke consistent for every putt. This includes your pre-putt routine and your actual putting stroke.

**9. Mental Game:**

– Stay positive and patient. Putting can be frustrating, but a good attitude will help you improve.
– Visualization can be a powerful tool in putting. Visualize the path of the ball to the hole before each putt.

**10. Practice:**

– Regular practice is the key to improving your putting.
– Use putting drills to work on specific areas, such as short putts, long putts, breaking putts, etc.

Remember, even pros continually work on their putting skills. Regular practice, patience, and a positive attitude will help you putt like a pro.