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Releasing Your Golf Potential with Chris Moss: A Beginner’s Path to learning how to play golf

Learning the game of golf is an exciting journey, one that requires patience, dedication, and the guidance of a seasoned professional. Chris Moss Golf provides precisely that – a pathway to success led by a master of the sport and an experienced coach, Chris Moss.

Chris’s approach to coaching is unique and effective, focusing on a series of free beginners lessons, targeting four key skills. This enables his students to confidently navigate the golf course, ultimately obtaining their official world golf handicap.




Our social and cost-efficient learning programme is designed to take you through the skills required to play golf on a grass driving range. The course is structured into four weeks, each focusing on a critical aspect of golf: The Four Key Skills
1: Driving the Ball over 200 yards: The first skill Chris instills in his students is the ability to drive the ball 150- 200 yards. This not only improves clubhead speeds but is also an essential skill for any golfer aiming to play.
2: Hitting Distance Shots from the Fairway (over 150 yards): Chris guides beginners in accuiring the technique to hit long-distance shots from the fairway, an indispensable skill that will set the stage for your scoring opportunities.
3:Pitching onto the Green from within 100 yards: The third skill in Chris’s unique pathway is precision pitching. Learning to control your shots, especially when you are within 100 yards of the green, is a game-changer.
4:Chipping and Putting: Finally, Chris focuses on the finesse of chipping and putting. Acquiring these skills not only will help you save strokes but will also assist in managing the greens more effectively.
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Obtain a Golf Handicap with Course Access!

Our structured Golf Access programme is designed to guide you, the ‘New Golfer’, from being a newbie to becoming a competent player with an official World Golf Handicap Index. This programme includes nine colour-coded improvement levels, and upon completion, you’ll have the credentials to play the best golf courses worldwide. With Chris Moss guiding you every step of the way, you’ll learn ‘how to’ while playing a golf course tailored to suit a ‘New Golfer’s’ needs, complete with fairway tees.


Social Learning and Structured Progress

Our programme is not just about learning; it’s about enjoying the game in a social setting. As you complete the nine improvement levels, you’ll earn certificates and ball markers to celebrate your achievements. Once you have completed the course and obtained three complete scorecards, you’ll receive your official World Golf Handicap.

Our term structure is designed to advance levels and standards of learning, including:

  • Session 1: Golf Course Play
  • Session 2: Tee Shots
  • Session 3: Fairway Shots
  • Session 4: Pitch Shots
  • Session 5: Chipping and Putting
  • Session 6: Escape Shots, Bunkers, Hazards, Long Rough




Learn to Play Golf as a Family

Golf is a fantastic way for families to spend quality time together. Regardless of your age or skill level, golf caters to everyone, making it an ideal activity for the entire family. From vibrant golf clothing to stunning golf courses and clubhouses, golf offers an immersive experience for everyone. So why wait? Get your family out in the fresh air and challenge them to a round of golf.

Join the ranks of successful golfers tutored by Chris Moss. Embark on your golf journey with Chris Moss Golf and experience the joy of mastering this beautiful game. Your journey towards becoming a competent golfer starts here.

Testimonials from Real Students

Chris’s unique coaching pathway has received rave reviews from his students, highlighting his effectiveness as a coach and mentor. Here are a few testimonials from his students:

“Chris is an excellent coach. His unique pathway helped me quickly pick up the basics of golf and improve my game. I can now confidently drive the ball over 200 yards, and my short game has improved dramatically.” – John T.

“Chris is a fantastic coach. He chaperoned me around the course until I felt confident in my abilities. His patience and dedication are unparalleled.” – Sarah P.

“Obtaining my official world golf handicap felt like a real achievement. Chris guided me through each step of the process. I highly recommend his lessons to any beginner.” – Richard H.

Join the ranks of successful golfers tutored by Chris Moss. Embark on your golf journey with Chris Moss Golf and experience the joy of mastering this beautiful game. Your journey towards becoming a competent golfer starts here.


“Chris is not just one of the best golf teachers I have come across, he is also one of the best teachers (and that comes from someone with over 50 years of educational experience). Chris makes the game simple and explains clearly. No need to be an astrophysicist because, with Chris, golf is not rocket science! Any amateur should be beating down his door.”

Mr Jones

Deputy Head , Kings College Juinor School Wimbledon

Fun! Simple, which means that I can remember it on the course. Also, Chris adapts the lesson to the pupil – technical for my husband, simple for me, fun for the kids

Mrs Harvey