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Title: Master the Pitch Shot: The Secret to Power and Precision is in the Coil and Uncoil

Bullet Points:

Start with a Proper Setup: Position your spine with a 5-10 degree lean to the left (for right-handed golfers) and lower your left shoulder slightly. This sets you up for a balanced and power efficient swing.

Begin the Backswing: Rotate your rib cage and pelvis in a spiral staircase or double helix fashion, coiling up like a spring and creating gentle tension that will power your shot. Keep your elbows and biceps close to your rib cage for stability.

Maintain the Coil: Keep your body in balance and maintain your spine lean during the backswing loading, producing the in and upwards movements of the club. This is where you build up the required energy for your distance shot.

Start the Downswing: Release the energy with a Smooth Motion, reversing the spiral staircase motion as you approach the ball. This motion will help you strike the ball first and the ground after, ensuring a crisp and clean shot.

Uncoil with precision: Unwind your pelvis and rib cage in a circular motion towards the target, letting your arms and club come through the ball with required speed and precision. This is where you’ll generate percise power and distance.

Follow-Through: Complete your swing with a graceful and balanced motion, shifting your weight to your front foot and letting your club come around your body whilst holding a balanced pose. This motion will help you control the spin and distance of your shot.

Remember, mastering the pitch shot takes practice and focus. Work with a qualified golf professional to refine your technique and improve your coiling and uncoiling motion. With these tips, you’ll be able to pitch like a pro in no time, with the spin and precision that will impress everyone on the course.