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This is My Story

My quest to become the best golf instructor in the uk: Before coaching I spent a number of years as a tournament touring professional, playing and competing in many competitions across a number of countries. I had some success, however, my touring career faltered when I ran into difficulties with my swing. Having consulted with some of the best golf coaches in the uk business I found that I was receiving conflicting information. The end result was that I was attempting to use a swing that wasn’t suited to my body type, unbeknown to me at that time. It was in 2002 that I made the decision to take a step out of the tournaments and to dedicate my time instead to finding out everything I could about the intricacies of the game and the golf swing. All my questions were finally answered, when I met Mr Lynn Blake!
Mr Blake taught me how to put all the pieces together like a beautiful piece of music. For this, I am truly grateful because I now have the knowhow, insight and tools to truly help and improve each golfer I am fortunate enough to teach.
Now with thanks to Trackman which has rewritten how professionals teach I no longer have to estimate what happened at impact. This is due to the data provided by Trackman facts, figures and photographs of what has occurred at the moment of impact. That is 0.004’s of a second – unseen by the naked eye alone!


My goal is to offer pupils the best golf lessons in Surrey by drawing on my experience as a playing professional and keen student of the game. 

My goal is to help you find YOUR best technique, I am a golf instructor who takes great pride in helping players find “Their own individual Way!”
Ben Hogan never tried to swing like Sam Snead, Nicklaus didn’t try to copy Palmer and Tiger Woods set his own records! They all had their own swing and method, therein lies the secret of golf is about finding your way!

Chris Moss

All my questions were finally answered, when I met Mr Lynn Blake
  • Playing Standard 95% 95%
  • Need for learning 100% 100%
  • Passion 100% 100%
  • Customer improvement satisfaction 99% 99%

Personal Professional Development

Tee Box London Co-Founder
Scott Cowx Worldwide certification

Lynn Blake Senior Instructor (Study of the Golfing Machine)
Trackman Certified Professional since 2014,
MORAD trained by the Godfather of The golf swing Mac O’Grady
19 Years as a Competing Professional Golfer 


Some Highlights & Achievements as Player and Coach

6 Professional victories in UK, Europe and South Africa

3 Course records

Lowest ever round 57

Third in Remax British long Drive Championships 2003 (381yards)

Fourth in Remax European Long Drive Championships 2003 (379 yards)

Successfully coached players to 9 Professional Victories

Coached a Player to his European Tour Card 2013-14



"Chris has helped me learn more about the game in a year than I had learned in 20 years playing it. He knows the swing, the body and equipment and how they affect swing efficiency. He helps his players develop the swing that is most appropriate for their unique abilities and is also great at teaching people how to play all aspects of the game. If you spend any time with Chris you will feel his great passion for the game and for his players development."


European Tour player