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This is My Story


Title: My Journey to Becoming the Best Golf Coach in London

My pursuit to be the finest golf instructor in the UK was a journey that began on the greens and fairways of numerous tournaments across various countries. As a former touring professional, I gained invaluable experience by participating in a myriad of competitions. I tasted success, yet my touring career hit a roadblock due to some unexpected swing issues.

In my quest to rectify these issues, I sought advice from some of the top golf coaches in the UK. However, the advice I received was often contradictory, leading me to adopt a swing technique that was ill-suited to my physique. It was a revelation that dawned on me much later.

The turning point came in 2002 when I decided to step away from the competitive circuit to focus on comprehending the nuances of the game and the art of the golf swing. This period of reflection and learning led me to cross paths with Mr. Lynn Blake & Mac O’Grady, a meeting that proved instrumental in my journey. (My Mentors)

Mr. Blake guided me in harmonising all the elements of the game, akin to composing a melodious piece of music. I’m forever indebted to him for this wisdom, as it equipped me with the knowledge, insight, and tools needed to genuinely improve the game of every golfer I have the privilege to coach.

Today, my coaching methods are enhanced by the revolutionary Trackman technology, which has reshaped professional golf instruction. Trackman provides a wealth of data, figures, and visual evidence of what happens during the fleeting 0.004 seconds at the moment of impact – details that are invisible to the naked eye. No longer do I have to rely on guesswork when analysing impact; Trackman provides the facts.

I am now considered among the best golf coaches in London, thanks to this journey of learning, transformation, and the power of innovative technology. My ultimate goal is to use my experience and knowledge to help every golfer I teach, refining their game and taking them to the next level.


Title: Chris Moss: One of the Best Golf Coaches in the Country


Golf is a game of skill, patience, and precision, which is why having the right coach can make all the difference in your performance. Chris Moss, a highly regarded golf coach based in the UK, has been transforming the games of countless golfers for many years now. His knowledge, experience, coaching style, and professionalism have cemented his reputation as one of the best golf coaches in the country. In this post, we delve into the reasons that make Chris Moss the go-to choice for golfers looking to up their game.

1. Unparalleled Knowledge:

Chris Moss possesses an extensive knowledge of the game, thanks to his in-depth understanding of golf techniques, strategies, and training methods. He is a qualified PGA Golf Professional and has attended numerous coaching seminars to stay updated with the latest coaching trends. This wealth of knowledge allows Chris to provide tailored coaching sessions for each of his clients, ensuring they learn the best techniques suited to their specific needs.

2. Rich Experience as a Coach and Player:

With over two decades of experience as a player and coach, Chris has developed a keen eye for identifying areas of improvement in a golfer’s game. He has coached at all levels, from beginners to professionals, and has competed in professional tournaments himself. This firsthand experience of the pressures and challenges faced by golfers allows him to empathize with his clients and offer practical advice to overcome their hurdles.

3. Adaptive Coaching Style:

Chris Moss adopts a flexible and adaptive coaching style that ensures the best results for his clients. He focuses on understanding each golfer’s unique needs, strengths, and weaknesses to create a bespoke coaching plan. Whether it’s improving your swing, mastering the short game, or building mental strength, Chris’s adaptable approach enables him to address all aspects of your game.

4. Impressive Client Successes:

Chris’s dedication and expertise have led to numerous client successes. Many of his clients have gone on to win club championships, compete in national events, and achieve impressive handicap reductions. Chris’s results-oriented approach ensures that golfers experience tangible improvements in their game, making him one of the top choices for those looking to excel on the course.

5. Engaging Personality:

One of the key reasons behind Chris Moss’s success as a golf coach is his engaging and approachable personality. He creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during his coaching sessions, which encourages clients to feel at ease and focus on their game. Chris’s ability to connect with his clients on a personal level fosters trust and helps clients stay motivated in their pursuit of golfing excellence.

6. Unwavering Professionalism:

Chris Moss embodies professionalism in every aspect of his work. From punctuality to clear communication, Chris consistently delivers high-quality coaching sessions. He uses state-of-the-art technology and teaching aids, ensuring clients receive the best possible learning experience.


In conclusion, Chris Moss is undoubtedly one of the best golf coaches in the country. His comprehensive knowledge, extensive experience, adaptive coaching style, impressive client successes, engaging personality, and unwavering professionalism make him the ideal choice for anyone looking to improve their golf game. To learn more about Chris Moss and his coaching services, visit and take the first step towards transforming your golf game today.



All my questions were finally answered, when I met Mr Lynn Blake
  • Playing Standard 95% 95%
  • Need for learning 100% 100%
  • Passion 100% 100%
  • Customer improvement satisfaction 99% 99%

Personal Professional Development

Double master professional player and coach
Tee Box London Co-Founder

Scott Cowx Worldwide certification

Lynn Blake Senior Instructor (Study of the Golfing Machine)
Trackman Certified Professional since 2014,
MORAD trained by the Godfather of The golf swing Mac O’Grady
21 Years as a Competing Professional coach and player. 


Some Highlights & Achievements as Player and Coach

8 Professional victories in UK, Europe and South Africa

3 Course records

Lowest ever round 57

Third in Remax British long Drive Championships 2003 (381yards)

Fourth in Remax European Long Drive Championships 2003 (379 yards)

Successfully coached players to 12 Professional Victories

Coached a Player’s to his European Tour Card 

My goal is to offer pupils the best golf lessons in Surrey by drawing on my experience as a playing professional and keen student of the game. 

My goal is to help you find YOUR best technique, I am a golf instructor who takes great pride in helping players find “Their own individual Way!”
Ben Hogan never tried to swing like Sam Snead, Nicklaus didn’t try to copy Palmer and Tiger Woods set his own records! They all had their own swing and method, therein lies the secret of golf is about finding your way!

Chris Moss

"Chris has helped me learn more about the game in a year than I had learned in 20 years playing it. He knows the swing, the body and equipment and how they affect swing efficiency. He helps his players develop the swing that is most appropriate for their unique abilities and is also great at teaching people how to play all aspects of the game. If you spend any time with Chris you will feel his great passion for the game and for his players development."


European Tour player